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What's UP! Ep 03 feat. Rochelle Still, Jan Meyer and Channing Salava - April 07, 2021

Guest host Rochelle Still takes a quick look at hot trends, new products, awards, new innovation and collaborations in the world of Food Upcycling. Also on this segment we preview an upcoming episode which features Jan Meyer and Channing Salava with their company Upcycled Grain Project.



  • UFA Member Outcast Foods raised $7.9m in funding

  • Mondelez' Snack Futures innovation hub has joined UFA as a Member and has launched CoLab.

  • Upcycled Grain Project recently launched their sustainable snacking platform in the US and New Zealand


Join me for a special preview of our interview with Jan Meyer, one of the owners of Rutherford and Meyer and now Upcycled Grain Project, and Channing Salava, the Eastern Sales Manager of Upcycled Grain Project in the US. In our interview they share some of the background on how the long time sustainable practices of Rutherford and Meyer led to the creation of a new brand for a new market, and what challenges they encounters that also led to great opportunities.

Special thanks to our content contributor and co-host Rochelle Still Membership Coordinator with the Upcycled Food Association, and Jan Meyer and Channing Salava of Rutherford and Meyer and Upcycled Grain Project

If you you have an update you would like to share let us know by emailing

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