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The Production Team

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Kevin May

Executive Producer, Host, Editor


Kevin began his career as a radio broadcaster in south Florida and then ventured into television and filmmaking. His passion is telling stories that can educate, entertain, and ultimately move people to action. Over the past several years his production company Hi-Fly’n Productions released a feature length documentary “It’s Raining, So What”, and produced many educational programs and mini docs. Utilizing his radio broadcasting experience and interviewing skills as a documentary film director, Kevin is excited to produce and host the new podcast series Too Good to Waste!

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Associate Producer


Born and raised outside Washington, DC, Amy now lives in Minneapolis where she recently graduated from the University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management.  Amy is passionate about sustainable, community-centered business practices and is excited to be a part of the growing upcycling industry.  When she’s not researching or producing new podcast episodes she's often developing recipes for NETZRO and for fun in her kitchen at home.

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Sue Marshall

Creative Director/Co-Producer


Proudly lives and works in Minneapolis, MN—Sue is partnering with Mother Nature to correct the mistakes of her generation and generations past. She spends her days collaborating with others that share her passion for economic & environmental sustainability while creating socially responsible initiatives. As a Founder and CEO of NETZRO, SBC, Sue has set out on a mission to reharvest valuable nutrients from food and food by-products creating high value upcycled ingredients that are placed back into the food economy. 

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