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Growing up on a 2 acre organic fruit and vegetable farm in Miami, Florida, I was fortunate to have an abundance of delicious healthy food to eat. We learned not to let anything go to waste, so anything extra that we couldn't eat, my sisters and I set up a card table and sold any excess produce at a roadside stand to earn our allowance money. As I grew up, my career path took me into radio broadcasting, TV and film production, commercial aviation, and a few other stops along the way. I have an insatiable sense of curiosity and a passion for learning and experiencing new things, then sharing these interesting and compelling stories. Through my company Hi-Fly'n Productions, I have had the great pleasure of becoming a visual storyteller, producing documentaries, and many short films for non-profits to help advance their missions. I am excited now to explore the world of food upcycling and creative ways to reduce food waste through this podcast series and appreciate you coming along for the ride!

In my spare time you may find me out cycling (road and mountain biking), running, X/C skiing, hiking, flying kites and drones, snowboarding, finding great local restaurants, craft breweries and artisans, playing music, and just enjoying the spectacular beauty of nature!

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Kevin May

Podcast Host

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