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The Power of the Consumer, with Turner Wyatt - Ep 01

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

We're building a food system in which all food reaches its highest and best use.


Episode 01 Summary

Welcome to the very first full episode in the Too Good to Waste series. It was an honor to have the opportunity to interview Turner Wyatt, CEO of the Upcycled Food Association. Turner has a wealth of knowledge and shares his insights into our food systems, the upcycling food movement, how rescuing food and reducing food waste really can have a significant positive impact on our environment, and much more. From a high level perspectives to simple things we all can do in our homes today, this episode is filled with lots of great information whether you are a food production company, ingredient manufacturer, baker, chef, or everyday conscientious consumer. We appreciate you checking it out and welcome your feedback, questions and comments.

The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry

Follow the journey of a strawberry from the farm to the refrigerator to understand all that it takes to bring your food to you. Did you know that 40% of our food ends up wasted? Wasted food is the single largest contributor to landfills in the US—not to mention that it wastes water, labor, fuel, money, & love!

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Notable Quotes

"The single most influential entity is the consumer, the household, you and me, regular person has by far the most impact on food waste."

"If global food waste were a country, it's emissions would be the third worst after China and the U S."

"40% of food goes to waste and yet, one in seven Americans is food insecure"

"When you say yes, you can contribute to the single greatest solution to climate change just by purchasing the rights types of [upcycled] foods."

About our Guest

Turner Wyatt is the CEO of the Upcycled Food Association, committed to building a food system in which all food reaches its highest and best use.  He is also an award winning social entrepreneur, creating nonprofits and businesses that make our world more equitable and sustainable. He focuses on the food system, and particularly on food waste.  

Turner’s other projects include: 

  • Co-Founder at Fresh Food Connect, a technology-based nonprofit that makes it easy for home gardeners to donate their excess fresh produce. 

  • Co-Founder and former Executive Director of Denver Food Rescue, a health equity nonprofit that uses a bicycle-based delivery system to increase the nutritional value in the emergency food assistance system.

  • Co-Founder of Bondadosa, a grocery delivery business focused on increasing access to affordable, healthy food by delivering wholesale priced groceries directly to work or home.

  • Voting member of the Denver Sustainable Food Policy Council, appointed by Mayor Michael B. Hancock in July, 2015.


Mentioned in this Episode

Here are links to companies and organizations that were mentioned, we invite you to visit them.

Learn More

Here are a few more videos we wanted to share so you can learn more about Fresh Food Connect and Denver Food Rescue.


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Apr 01, 2020

Another interesting aspect of the Strawberry video, is that the product has ZERO processing. Whatever is on the surface of the strawberry after the field worker picks it remains on it until the consumer eats it. This includes pesticide residues and bird droppings. Though the berry itself is nutritious, it is likely contaminated.

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