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Eating Adventure for Breakfast, with Caroline Cotto, COO of Renewal Mill - Ep 05

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Reducing food loss and fighting climate change by taking the byproducts of food manufacturing and upcycling them into premium ingredients and finished goods.

Episode 05 Summary

If you love adventure, stories of traveling the world, great food, and fighting climate change this episode is for you! My guest Caroline Cotto shares some of the significant things she has learned through her global experiences and how they have shaped what she is doing today. As the COO of Renewal Mill, she is directly involved in the operations, marketing, and innovation of the process of upcycling highly nutritious food byproducts into next generation ingredients and new food products.


Notable Quotes

I’m not afraid to take the road less traveled; in fact, I crave it.

With upcycling, we're really trying to show the value in what already is there and just elevate it to its highest to use.

I think we're finally seeing through climate change that [fixing our food waste problem] is not just an economic need, but it's an environmental imperative that we do better and use our creativity for good.

Once you believe in yourself to risk curiosity, you're kind of able to have all of these adventures and live life to the fullest.


About our Guest

Caroline Cotto is the Chief Operating Officer of Renewal Mill, a venture-backed startup creating a new circular economy of food by upcycling the byproducts of food manufacturing into ingredients. A food marketing and nutrition specialist, Caroline has experience at the UN World Food Programme in Cambodia, the White House (for Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign), Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator, and HubSpot, where she ran the women’s diversity program globally. Caroline grew up in food, working for her family’s ice cream business in the town of Sandwich, MA. Caroline serves as the Board President of the Upcycled Food Association, and formerly served as a Fulbright Fellow in Taiwan. She holds a BS from Georgetown University in human science with a focus on nutrition.

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About Renewal Mill

The future of food: Better for you, better for the planet.

At Renewal Mill, our vision is to create a circular economy of food that closes the loop in today’s current supply chain, keeps valuable nutrition from going to waste, and reduces our impact on the environment.

By diverting fibrous byproducts from landfills, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By employing innovative sourcing and processing, we keep costs low and connect consumers to inexpensive, high quality nutrition.

Our unique portfolio of upcycled ingredients and plant-based products are proof that saving the planet can be delicious. Eating upcycled is sustainable indulgence at its finest.

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Mentioned in the Episode

Here are links to companies and organizations that were mentioned or are some of Caroline's favorites, we invite you to visit them.


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