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Shameless Pets with Co-Founder Alex Waite, Ep. 15

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Using upcycling to turn ingredients that may have otherwise been wasted into outrageously good dog treats!

Episode 15 Summary


Our guest Alex Waite, co-founder of Shameless Pets, shares how they create a delicious product out of ingredients that would have otherwise been wasted—that's called upcycling! Imagine a farmer’s leftover pumpkins after Halloween, apple pulp from a cider press, or lobster shells from a cannery. In the case of their treats, this unused food becomes an ingredient that is highly nutritious and ridiculously tasty.


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Notable Quotes

I'm a huge dog lover. I can say that getting my dog was probably one of the biggest life-changing moments I had in my mid twenties. I wanted to incorporate that kind of fun and relationship into my professional life.

I think the thing that most excited me in my journey was learning about upcycling, what kind of impact that could do to reducing waste and therefore reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. It really drove our desire towards incorporating the upcycling concept into our brand.

We are the first pet brand to be standing for upcycling. Having sustainability in that way is a pillar for our brand, and retailers love it.

When it gets super hard and sometimes I wake up and I'm like, what am I doing? And why am I doing this? it's really been helpful for me to check it on my values.

About our Guest

Alex Waite is co-founder and Chief Product and Sustainability Officer for Shameless Pets. Her career began in the natural and organic food industry as the Director of R&D for Mary's Gone Crackers and since then, she has taken over 50 SKUs from concept to shelf. She thrives on figuring out creative ways to scale clean labeled recipes using whole food ingredients. Her pups are a big part of the family and the ultimate taste testers of her unique recipes.

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