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Too Good to Waste!

podcast series

Food Upcycling


Upcycled Foods

What is upcycled food?

There are many different products that are being upcycled and many more that can be.


Some currently being used are:

  • Spent grain from breweries and distilleries

  • Fruit pulp from juice bars

  • Whey protein from cheese producers

  • Aquafaba from chickpea production

  • Okara - a soymilk by-product

Welcome to the new

food revolution!

What was once seen as the end of the food supply chain, is now becoming the start of a new food revolution. From local brewers to large scale food manufacturers, to bakers and top chefs, everyone is looking for alternative ways to reduce waste, advance sustainability, and ideally maximize the value in all aspects of their food production process.

This podcast series explores that fast-growing trend of upcycling food by-products that often go into landfills or to farmers for animal feed.


"Right now, upcycling is a popular and fast-growing trend in the food industry."

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